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It's been a while since I've made an article on my own, but I have a fantastic group of writers working with me and I've been focused on pushing out content elsewhere. But I thought doing an article like this would be fun and I hope you guys enjoy this type of content!

Right away you're going to notice a common trend with all these players, mainly being the position at which carries the most value. These ADPs were taken from on 07/17/20, so based on that data I bring to you the Best Value Pick for every NFL Team!

The best value doesn't mean best player or a guy who will win your league, but more so the best ROI or return based on where they are being drafted. The ADPs and analyis are based on 12 Teams, PPR Scoring!

If you want to see a part two where I find the WORST Value on every team, let me know!

Arizona Cardinals - Christian Kirk (WR), ADP 11.01: Christian Kirk already has that chemistry built with Kyler Murray, and with "Air Raid" in full effect and Murray taking that expected second year jump, Kirk can be as high as a WR2 on that team, even as the #2 Guy. Larry had 11.1 PPG last season as the #2!

~ 2020 Projection (116 Tgts, 74 Rec., 851 Yards, and 5 TDs)

Atlanta Falcons - Calvin Ridley (WR), ADP 4.05: Ridley is coming off somewhat of a down year in comparison to his history, but he has all the momentum to be a low WR1 this year. He's now healthy, there's over 200 Vacated targets available, and Matt Ryan is entering his second year (again) with Dirk Koetter. Who together, lead the league in passing attempts with a whopping 684.

~ 2020 Projection (123 Tgts, 79 Rec., 1,051 Yards, and 10 TDs)

Baltimore Ravens - Marquise Brown (WR), ADP 6.05: Brown played his rookie year for the most part being held back from his lisfranc injury. But he's now fully healthy and primed for a breakout year. This will still be a rush heavy offense, but Brown will be the benefactor of Lamar's deep passing accuracy. He's a WR2 that you can grab past the 6th Round!

~ 2020 Projection (105 Tgts, 66 Rec., 964 Yards, and 8 TDs)

Buffalo Bills - Stefon Diggs (WR), ADP 6.02: Diggs finally gets his chance to be the primary receiver on his team, now all he needs is the volume. Josh Allen may not be the most accurate QB, but Diggs is one of the most talented WRs in football. He will make life easier for Allen, and with enough targets he will be a surefire WR2!

~ 2020 Projection (127 Tgts, 79 Rec., 1,090 Yards, and 7 TDs)

Carolina Panthers - D.J. Moore (WR), ADP 4.01: Moore was incredibly efficient with incredibly inconsistent QB Play last season. Teddy B is at the very least an upgrade and Moore is perfect for Joe Brady's offense in the new regime. Real chance at a WR1 season with just a 4th Round Price tag.

~ 2020 Projection (140 Tgts, 97 Rec., 1,280 Yards, and 7 TDs)

Chicago Bears - Tarik Cohen (RB), ADP 8.08: Finally, not a WR! Although he basically is. He had over 100 Targets last year (Career High), and Taylor Gabriel has left an additional 48 Targets on the table. Great PPR RB3 who could give you 10+ in any week of the year!

~ 2020 Projection (71 Car. for 263 Yards, 68 Rec. for 462 Yards, and 5 Total TDs)

Cincinnati Bengals - Tyler Boyd (WR), ADP 7.12: After finishing with the 7th Most targets last season, Boyd is being thrown to the curb at the border of the 8th Round. You are drafting him at his floor at that range, and with better QB Play and Zac Taylor in his second year as a play-caller, Boyd will easily be a WR2 at the very least, even with A.J. Green there.

~ 2020 Projection (131 Tgts, 91 Rec., 1,065 Yards and 4 TDs)

Cleveland Browns - Kareem Hunt (RB), ADP 5.05: When Hunt returned from suspension, he outscored Nick Chubb in 6/8 Games. With Landry potentially starting on the PUP List, Hunt could have an even bigger role in the passing game. Much better value in the 5th than drafting Chubb in the Late 1st/Early 2nd.

~2020 Projection (102 Car. for 490 Yards, 58 Rec. for 505 Yards and 9 Total TDs)

Dallas Cowboys - Michael Gallup (WR), ADP 7.09: The mid to late 7th Round is a fantastic price for a guy with 1,100+ Yards in an offense with 166 Vacated Targets. He lead the team in targets per game, and he can easily finish as a WR2 or higher.

~ 2020 Projection (127 Tgts, 79 Rec., 1,217 Yards and 7 TDs)

Denver Broncos - Jerry Jeudy (WR), ADP 9.11: There weren't too many great options for value here, but Jeudy is one of the most talented WRs we've seen in a while. His pristine route runner makes him the moat NFL Ready WR in the class and he could easily have a year one impact! I'd rather take a chance with Jeudy in the 9th/10th than Sutton in the 5th..

~ 2020 Projection (118 Tgts, 71 Rec., 902 Yards and 5 TDs)

Detroit Lions - Marvin Jones (WR), ADP 9.03: Last year with Stafford, Jones had 14.9 PPG and 9 TDs in just 13 Games. With him and Stafford healthy, Jones can bring WR2 value past the 9th Round. He was on pace for well over 100 Targets last season, and he's still one of the better deep threats in the league!

~ 2020 Projection (118 Tgts, 72 Rec., 1,022 Yards, and 8 TDs)

Green Bay Packers - A.J. Dillon (RB), ADP 13.06: Dillon draws some comparisons to Derrick Henry (Dillon is 6'0" and 247lbs), which makes sense with a guy like Matt LaFleur as the HC. His work with Henry got him the job in GB, and might try and replicate that with Dillon. Aaron Jones will be a free agent after the 2020 Season, and Dillon could eat well into his goal-line work at the very least even as a rookie. The potential for heavy usage and TD upside makes him appealing in the doubel digit rounds.

~ 2020 Projection (139 Car. for 570 Yards, 10 Rec. for 62 Yards and 6 Total TDs)

Houston Texans - Will Fuller V (WR), ADP 8.09: The injury concerns are apparent, but his upside as the potential #1 Guy in Houston makes his price well worth it. But him and Cooks have injury concerns, while Fuller has established chemistry with Watson and you can get him a full round later than Cooks. Plus, he's two years removed from his torn ACL for whatever that is worth. He's a perfect WR4.

~ 2020 Projection (107 Tgts, 71 Rec., 1,008 Yards and 8 TDs)

Indianapolis Colts - Nyheim Hines (RB), ADP 12.09: Jonathan Taylor wasn't exactly a reliable pass catcher in college, and although capable, all indications from the team are that Hines will be the primary pass catcher out of this backfield. The guy throwing to him, has averaged 147 Passes a year to RBs over the past 5 Years. Hines was a Top 25 PPR RB just two seasons ago, and you won't find a RB with his "Austin Ekeler-like" upside anywhere else past the 12th Round!

~ 2020 Projection (74 Car. for 311 Yards, 60 Rec. for 552 Yards and 5 Totsl TDs)

Jacksonville Jaguars - Gardner Minshew (QB), ADP UND: Minshew showed out as a rookie, and if he hits his ceiling for 2020, he could easily be a Top 10 QB. He had a great TD to INT Ratio (21 to 6), he's got good weapons around him, and he can run the ball (344 Rush Yards). A 2015 Blake Bortles-like season is not out of the question for the 2nd Year stud!

~ 2020 Projection (4,357 Pass YDs, 26 TDs and 10 INTs, with 395 Rush Yards)

Kansas City Chiefs - Sammy Watkins (WR), ADP 12.02: It's not a desirable pick by any means, and he will always be inconsistent. But Mahomes' potential WR2 in the 12th round offers matchup upside at the very least. Clear boom or bust type player, but value nonetheless when you can grab a KC starter past the 12th Round.

~ 2020 Projection (59 Tgts, 35 Rec., 459 Yards and 6 TDs)

Las Vegas Raiders - Hunter Renfrow (WR), ADP UND: It may not be intriguing to draft a Raider not named Darren Waller or Josh Jacobs, but Renfrow deserves to be in that conversation. From Week 8 and on, as a rookie, Renfrow averaged 15.4 PPG. Now if you take out the game he got hurt and left early, he averaged a whopping 17 PPG! He seems to have established himself as the go to guy for Carr, and that's insane value for a guy not even being drafted!

~ 2020 Projection (94 Tgts, 66 Rec., 818 Yards and 5 TDs)

Los Angeles Chargers - Keenan Allen (WR), ADP 5.05: Weren't a ton of great options here either, but an elite WR falling to the 5th Round is worth mentioning. With Tyord, yes I'm expecting a dip in production. But he will still see easily 120+ Targets and I believe in the talent enough for me to take him as my WR2 or WR3. Plus when Herbert comes in, I'm sure he won't have a hard time looking for Allen early and often.

~ 2020 Projection (154 Tgts, 96 Rec., 1,162 Yards and 6 TDs)

Los Angeles Rams - Robert Woods (WR), ADP 4.08: The mid to late 4th Round is a small price to pay for a guy who was the WR2 in the second half of the year in 2019. He also had the 8th Most targets in an offense where Jared Goff throws the ball 40 Times a game. Plus a low TD Number (2) means that there is only room for improvement.

~ 2020 Projection (149 Tgts, 96 Rec., 1,258 Yards and 5 TDs)

Miami Dolphins - DeVante Parker (WR), ADP 6.10: What a ridiculous price for a WR who after the bye week averaged 17.5 PPG in a shit offense on a shit team. Adam Gase could have been one of many factors holding him back, but the breakout was real and even if he doesn't play at WR2 level like he did in that span, he's still worth way more than a late 6th Rounder. But I'll happily take that discount. It pays to have a short memory sometimes..

~ 2020 Projection (135 Tgts, 79 Rec., 1,248 Yards and 8 TDs)

Minnesota Vikings - Justin Jefferson (WR), ADP 11.05: Not many great options here either, but Jefferson profiles as a slot WR, nothing more (only played 5 snaps out wide in college). Although unofficial, Kirk Cousins profiles as a slot passer.. Anyway, we've all heard that the Vikings want to run more 12 Personnel (no slot, 2 TEs), but they did the same last year and only ran 12 Personnel 38% of the time. The Vikings aren't dumb and drafted a slot WR without knowing, they are going to use him, and he's another rookie who could have real year one value!

~ 2020 Projection (90 Tgts, 61 Rec., 750 Yards, and 4 TDs)

New England Patriots - N'Keal Harry (WR), ADP 12.05: With Cam Newton behind center, and Harry now healthy entering the infamous Year 2, the former 1st Rounder can return some serious value in the 12th Round. He's already been working out with Cam, and as long as he's on the field, I promise you he will return value. Could be as high as a WR2 or even higher.

~ 2020 Projection (94 Tgts, 61 Rec., 824 Yards and 7 TDs)

New Orleans Saints - Jared Cook (TE), ADP 10.06: Not a ton of great options here either, but Cook's second half production with Brees can't be ignored. He averaged 15.5 PPG after the bye week (Kelce and Kittle had 15.9), and lead all TEs with 16.4 YPR at the age of 33. Unsustainable? Sure, but his role hasn't changed drastically, and Brees is going to put on a show for his farewell tour. I'm buying the high risk, high upside TE in the 10th. Great backup if you secured a guy like Evan Engram early on.

~ 2020 Projection (68 Tgts, 47 Rec., 691 Yards and 10 TDs)

New York Giants - Sterling Shepard (WR), ADP 11.12: Shepard is another guy who put together 14+ PPG and is falling past the 10th Round. He averaged 8.5 Targets per game and offers much better value in the 11th than taking a chance on Slayton in the 8th. The concussions are cause for concern, but if he stays healthy he can put up low WR2 numbers!

~ 2020 Projection (104 Tgts, 66 Rec., 746 Yards and 6 TDs)

New York Jets - Le'Veon Bell (RB), ADP 3.08: I wasn't a huge Bell believer at first, but he averaged 20 Touchers per game last year and his situation has only gotten better and better. He finished as the RB16 last year, and by taking him as the RB19 in the 3rd Round, you are drafting him at his floor! Volume is king, and better efiiciency is the icing on top!

~ 2020 Projection (258 Car. for 1,006 Yards, 72 Rec. for 540 Yards and 9 Total TDs)

Philadelphia Eagles - Zach Ertz (TE), ADP 5.01: I've seen the arguments that Ertz isn't among the elite TEs anymore, but I just don't see it. He played through injuries last year, and lead all TEs in targets per game. He's only 29 Years old compared to Kelce who is 31, and he's been in talks with the Eagles about an extension, which throws out the Goedert over Ertz nonsense. Getting Ertz in the 5th is bargain compared to getting Kelce in the 2nd.

~ 2020 Projection (139 Tgts, 93 Rec., 967 Yards and 7 TDs)

Pittsburgh Steelers - Juju Smith-Schuster (WR), ADP 3.10: If Ben was healthy last year, Juju would've been a 2nd Rounder or maybe even a 1st Rounder this year. But because of recency bias, he's falling to the end of the 3rd, and sometimes the 4th. He still lead the team in targets per game, and with Ben back on the field, he could easily regain WR1 status.

~ 2020 Projection (138 Tgts, 87 Rec., 1,148 Yards and 6 TDs)

San Francisco 49ers - Brandon Aiyuk (WR), ADP 13.05: The 49ers traded up into the 1st Round to land Aiyuk, and he might have a golden opportunity in front of him with Deebo Samuels having a jones fracture. It's an injury that could cause some implications for Deebo when he returns, and we even saw Deebo himself have success as a rookie towards the end of last year.

~ 2020 Projection (74 Tgts, 48 Rec., 696 Yards and 5 TDs)

Seattle Seahawks - Tyler Lockett (WR), ADP 5.07: I'm one of many who have been on the cautious side of things with Lockett, but the 5th Round isn't a bad price to pay. Especially with his continued work in the slot and his big play ability paired with his out of this world chemistry with Russell Wilson, he could easily be a WR2, even if D.K. does outscore him (which also isn't guaranteed). Lockett was also playing injured in the 2nd Half of the year and wasn't the same guy.

~ 2020 Projection (108 Tgts, 70 Rec., 917 Yards and 7 TDs)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ronald Jones II (RB), ADP 7.01: Last year, Jones improved both as a pass catcher and as a runner. He won out the job from Peyton Barber as the year went on, and even with Vaughn he could find himself in RB2 territory with a more balanced offense. By that I mean not constantly playing from behind because your QB turned the ball over on average 2.5x per game. Plus, Rojo has bulked up this offseason as well!

~ 2020 Projection (204 Car. for 898 Yards, 39 Rec. for 293 Yards and 8 Total TDs)

Tennessee Titans - Jonnu Smith (TE), ADP 13.10: Jonnu is in a similar situation to what Andrews was in last year. A guy who we've seen flashes off in a run heavy offense being drafted past the 10th Round. The talent is not in question and he's got a real shot of being the #2 Target behind AJB. The upside is there with Walker gone and he's a perfect TE2 option!

~ 2020 Projection (84 Tgts, 63 Rec., 800 Yards and 7 TDs)

Washington (*insert name here*) - Derrius Guice (RB), ADP 7.01: Guice has all the talent in the world and a huge chip on his shoulder. Injury concerns caused him to fall, but if he's on the field, he will be a high RB2. He could be a great value, or another disappointment, buy I'm buying as my RB4!

~ 2020 Projection (215 Car. for 1,032 Yards, 34 Catches for 326 Yards and 10 Total TDs)

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