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The Falcons could be the next fantasy gold mine

In fantasy football, it is always a good idea to target good offenses. They have more yards and more points, meaning there is more opportunity for fantasy points. One offense I think will do very well is the Atlanta Falcons. I am high on this offense and a bunch of their players for fantasy football. I'll go over each of the players and why I think the offense can be good.

Matt Ryan

In the two seasons, Atlanta has scored 74% of their offensive touchdowns through the air. Last year they lead the league with a passing tendency of 66.97%, and in 2018 they had a 65.25% of passing plays. So, a pass heavy offense is great for a QB. His weapons are great too. Julio, a top-3 wide receiver (if not number 1 in real life), Calvin Ridley, an upcoming star, the athletic Hayden Hurst, and Todd Gurley is nothing to joke about.

Also, Matt Ryan always seems to have a roller-coaster like career. He finished 9th, 3rd, 15th, 2nd, 19th, 7th, 15th, and 6th dating back to 2012. Ryan possesses sky high upside and could easily be a top-4 QB next season.

Julio Jones

Everyone knows how good Julio is, so I will make this one short. Since 2014, Julio has had at least 1400 yards, except for this past season. This past season, he had 1394 despite missing a game. He is a yardage and receptions monster, although doesn't score a lot of touchdowns. While I am lower on him than most next season, there is no denying he is an elite fantasy option.

Calvin Ridley

Everyone who follows my page or is in a league with me knows how high I am on Calvin Ridley next season. I LOVE him and think he is potentially this years Chris Godwin. He is on a pass heavy team and has all the opportunity to succeed in his third year in the NFL. In the games Ridley played and Sanu and Hooper did not, he did insane. He averaged around 7.33 receptions, 10.67 targets, and 106.33 yards per game. He scored around 22.47 points per game.

In two years in the league, Ridley has 8 games with 8 targets or more. In those games, he has averaged 24.15 PPG and his worst performance was just 17.1 PPR points. I am completely sold on Ridley next season and fully expect him to be a top-12 wide receiver or better.

Hayden Hurst

Hurst has all the opportunity to succeed this year. I have already written about him on this site, so I recommend you read "New Players in New Situations," the first article, to see my thoughts on Hurst.

Todd Gurley

After years of RB1 production, Gurley's arthritic knee took a toll on him last season. Now, he is on the Falcons, a brand new team for him in his home state of Georgia. Last season, Gurley averaged nearly 17 touches a game and finished as the RB14 in just 15 games. However, he did so having a 38.36% TD dependency, worst out of all the top-40 running backs.

However, he had very little receiving work and was behind PFF's 31st ranked offensive line. In addition, it is a 1 year, "prove it" deal with the Falcons. The Falcons, unlike the Rams last season, are not trying to preserve Todd Gurley's knee and think for the future. They can run him into the ground this year and use him as a goal line back, then sign a different back or draft a RB next season. I think this is the approach they will take, and Gurley could score a ton of touchdowns in this high powered offense, especially with Julio Jones not scoring many.

Overall, I am high on this offense and think it can be very special. While the floor is low, the price is too. The sky is the limit in this pass friendly offense and every player has massive upside at their prices, with the exception of Julio. Make sure to target the Falcons offense this year in your drafts.



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