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Buying and Selling with Fantasy Deadlines Looming

There is likely not much time left to make trades in your leagues, so you need to capitalize now. This week, I'll be focusing on some injured players that you can rely on later in the year, as well as some guys with favorable or unfavorable fantasy playoff schedules who can find you some value as we approach the home stretch.


Mark Andrews

Believe it or not, I've gotten a lot of questions about selling off Andrews right now, when in reality it's really the opposite of what I would do. Especially if you have a good record and are in a comfortable playoff position, Andrews is a must inquire. He's probably the second most valuable piece in fantasy this season behind Travis Kelce, is currently injured, and has now put up a few duds in a row. He still commands the bulk of the Ravens' targets when out there, and is still their number one option after their silence from an offensive perspective at the deadline. Andrews is still an elite option for fantasy, and if you can survive a couple of weeks without him due to injury and a bye week, he is most definitely worth stashing for a playoff run.

Chris Godwin

Tampa's offense has simply been going through the motions so far, and it looks like just about everybody is to blame. Tom Brady looks older, the offensive line can't block, and these weapons just seem to have lost a slight step. Even Mike Evans' elite red zone chemistry with Brady has seemingly disappeared. The offense can't really get any worse going forward, and in the best case, maybe Godwin will look a bit quicker out there and become a more reliable target for his quarterback. It doesn't hurt that he has a fairly easy fantasy playoff schedule either.

Deebo Samuel

Your league's Deebo owner is very likely panicking at the thought of Christian McCaffrey taking his production away and George Kittle's reemergence. It would be very economical to at least gauge interest on a potential Deebo deal, who is not only still the number one receiver on that San Francisco offense, but also a benefactor of an incredibly easy fantasy playoff schedule. It doesn't get much easier as an offensive player than playing against the defenses of Seattle, Washington, and Vegas during weeks 15-17, and while he may be one of the more boom or bust fantasy options going forward, has the matchups during these playoff weeks to produce the mega game you need to advance further. With Samuel still hurt for the time being and the Niners on bye this week, this may be your last chance to pick him up at a reasonable price.


Keenan Allen

If you've held onto Allen all this time and want to see it out now, by all means do so. I just want to shed some light on the risk of the whole situation. His words about his injury do not sound very encouraging, with Allen himself stating that his injury continued to flare up while training and held him out of games up until the Chargers' bye week. Hamstring injuries are always tricky, and that's especially true for wide receivers. There's just too much risk of reaggravation or simply playing severely hurt for me to be interested in playing Keenan confidently for now, and until we see otherwise, I'd much rather be cautious about the whole situation.

Antonio Gibson

Gibson comes into week 9 having scored a TD in each of the last two weeks, but this backfield is just too messy for this production to continue. It's really a true three man split, with Gibson being the one who broke off some receptions for touchdowns recently. I'd sell him high right now on this touchdown production peak before it inevitably falls back down to where it should be.

Devin Singletary

Buffalo's offense has weirdly turned into a situation where behind Stefon Diggs, the next trusted man up is Singletary. However, with Nyheim Hines coming over via trade, I fear that Singletary's ceiling is officially capped, and that his usage spike may be over very soon. Nothing is confirmed yet, but James Cook was starting to take a bit of that pass-catching role he was always expected to, and now with Hines - an already-established 3rd down back - in the building, the third down snaps will almost surely go to him. I don't really want to wait and see on the off chance that Singletary does actually keep his career-high usage going, so your best bet is to just sell him now while he still has value in my opinion.



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