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Hero RB Strategy- What is it and how it can help you negate risk in drafts?

Today is a strategy that I’ve looked into a lot the past few weeks, and there’s a really good video by Ron Stewart as well on it, so here is the link for it ⬇️

So What Exactly is the Hero Strategy?

Well glad you asked. This strategy is predicated on the idea that we want to get rid of risk when we draft while keeping the same upside.

The Rates at Which RB’s Busts Rounds 3-5 is something that to a Hero Strategy doesn’t make sense considering the WR’s that are available there, with this year there being CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and even Tyler Lockett in the 5th just to name a few.

It’s all about minimizing risk while keeping the league winning upside, just not at RB.

So this strategy is basically taking one RB and then waiting a while for an RB2 because the bust rate for these RB’s are so high, yet the value of the WR’s/QB’s/TE’s still stays the same. While having a WR at flex seems fishy, the bust rates of 6th rounders are so drastic that it’s well worth it.

This is a strategy that works insanely well for the 1.01-1.03, and then even later you can take Adams along with the legendary RB upside play in the 2nd. What this strategy does is it gets you out of the deadzone where RB busts are prominent, and while you struggle at RB2 there’s so many guys who can fill the role, and even take over. Gibson was an 8th Rounder. Jrob was undrafted in 2020.

And even without these guys: Jeff Wilson was startable for a few weeks, Mike Davis, and others. With a starting RB that is on waivers, you are guaranteed to have touches for that player, where as a WR it’s harder to find such things.

Now if your new and are worried about an RB2, I get it- everyone has had that be a fear of theirs. But Look At Round 3 RB’s last season:

• Todd Gurley

• Melvin Gordon

• Le’Veon Bell

• Mark Ingram

These were names that were drafted in Round 3/4 at the RB position. Is it worth trying to get your RB2 if they bust like these players?

Now Let’s Look At The WR’s Drafted in the same range:

• Allen Robinson

• Calvin Ridley

• Robert Woods

• AJ Brown

• DK Metcalf

Now Sure there were guys like Juju, but the rate at which they busted was much less. In Round 3, The Bust Rates For The Past 5 Years:

• RB: 38% • WR: 14%

So how would I approach it this year If I were doing this strategy? I would go with one very high legendary upside RB, and then stack up on other positions, and could also be a Top 4 TE.

Then We Wait on RB, and take high upside guys later, including Trey Sermon, Zack Moss, Sony Michel. And then we are urgent on the waiver wire, grabbing RB’s who step up or get injured, and then your set.

Interested in what you guys think of this method🤔



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