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NFC North: Perfect Off-Season 2023

There's no such thing as perfect, but in this scenario I get to play GM for a day and do my best to "fix" each franchise (as if it's that easy).

It's really just something that I enjoy doing and why not share it with all of you!

This series is dependent on every other team, so you won't see the same player be signed to multiple teams.

BUT, this will be mainly offense based. So, I will mention the salary cap and draft pick implications, but I'm not going to include an entire salary cap breakdown.

If you haven't already you check out the rest of the perfect off-season series here;

That being said, let's breakdown the NFC North and see what moves I think each team could/should be making in the 2023 Offseason!

Chicago Bears

Last Year's Record: 3-14

2023 Estimated Cap Space: $98,029,155

2023 Draft Picks: 1st (1), 2nd (1), 3rd (1), 4th (2), 5th (2),

7th (1)

Notable Free Agents; David Montgomery (RB), Nicholas Morrow (LB), Byron Pringle (WR)

The Bears have more cap space than any other team currently, and they also hold the #1 Pick in the draft. If they commit to Justin Fields and trade back they could be lined up for success for years to come!

Trade; I have the Chicago Bears trading their 2nd Round Pick for (WR) DeAndre Hopkins from the Arizona Cardinals. This adds much needed WR help for Fields.

Free Agency; The Bears need just about everything. If I'm the Bears, here are some notable moves I'm making on offense.

+ David Montgomery (RB)

+ Tyler Kroft (TE)

- Byron Pringle (WR)

- N'Keal Harry (WR)

Most of the Bears moves this off-season should involve picking up some defensive players and offensive line pieces, which for the sake of keeping this fantasy related isn't covered here.

But they can afford to re-sign Montgomery, and given his chemistry with Fields it makes sense for them to do so.

2023 NFL Draft; The Bears should trade back from #1 Overall to #4 Overall with the Colts. At that position they get either Will Anderson, or the more likely Jalen Carter (DT). I also hope they would use their 3rd/4th Round selections on some later round WRs to add to their youth/depth.

So altogether, here's what the Bears' starting offense would look like in 2023...

QB - Justin Fields

RB - David Montgomery

WR - DeAndre Hopkins

WR - Darnell Mooney

WR - Chase Claypool

TE - Cole Kmet

Adding Dhop is huge and it allows the Bears to prioritize other parts of their defense and OL!

Minnesota Vikings

Last Year's Record: 13-4

2023 Estimated Cap Space: -$24,424,174

2023 Draft Picks: 1st (1), 3rd (1), 4th (1), 5th (2)

Notable Free Agents; Dalvin Tomlinson (DT), Patrick Peterson (CB), Garrett Bradbury (OL), Irv Smith Jr. (TE), Alexander Mattison (RB)

After finishing with a 13-4 Record last season, the Vikings continue to show that they are ready for a Super Bowl run. But it may not be easy to do that when they are negative $24M in cap space and only have 5 Draft Picks...

Trade; So what do you do when you are starved for Cap Space and need draft picks? You trade! In this scenario I have the Vikings trading (WR) Adam Thielen to the New England Patriots for their 2nd Round Draft Pick. This move would grant the Vikings $13M in cap space and put them in a better position for the draft.

Free Agency; The Vikings plan should be to iron out that defense in any way they can. But, if I'm the Vikings, here are some notable moves I'm making on offense.

+ Alexander Mattison (RB)

+ Allen Lazard (WR)

- Adam Thielen (WR)

- Irv Smith (TE)

Dalvin at this point has too many injuries and Mattison has been gold as his insurance policy. Allen Lazard reportedly wants to leave Green Bay, and if he does he would be a great compliment to Justin Jefferson. I really think Osborn takes the next step as the WR2 in this offense but Lazard on the perimeter can only mean good things for 3 WR sets.

No need to keep Irv Smith around with Hockenson there.

2023 NFL Draft; The Vikings are a bit weak on the defensive side, specifically when it comes to rushing the passer. This is why I have the Vikings drafting (DE) Lukas Van Ness in the first round.

So altogether, here's what the Vikings' starting offense would look like in 2023...

QB - Kirk Cousins

RB - Dalvin Cook

WR - Justin Jefferson

WR - K.J. Osborn

WR - Allen Lazard

TE - T.J. Hockenson

Seeing T.J. Hockenson in Year 2 with the Vikings should be exciting!

Green Bay Packers

Last Year's Record: 8-9

2023 Estimated Cap Space: $17,526,257

2023 Draft Picks: 1st (1), 2nd (1), 3rd (1), 4th (1), 5th (2), 7th (5)

Notable Free Agents; Adrian Amos (S), Randall Cobb (WR), Robert Tonyan (TE), Allen Lazard (WR)

The Packers off-season will be dependent on what Rodgers decides to do. But they are positive in cap space and have 11 Draft Picks to work with (which is great).

Trade; The New York Jets trade their 1st Round Pick for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 4th Round Pick. Rodges leaves GB, clears up cap space and gives them another 1st Round to build around Jordan Love.

Free Agency; It's time to build around Jordan Love as the team's long awaited new Franchise QB. If I'm the Packers, here are some notable moves I'm making on offense.

+ Andy Dalton (QB)

+ Brandin Cooks (WR)

+ Darius Slayton (WR)

+ Robert Tonyan (TE)

- Allen Lazard (WR)

- Randall Cobb (WR)

Andy Dalton is a very respectable backup/insurance policy to Jordan Love. He's been tossed around a bit but still competes at a decent level. Brandin Cooks realistically should've already been a Packer at the deadline, but with him likely being released from the Texans, now is the opportunity to scoop him up.

2023 NFL Draft; Now with the Packers sitting nicely with two 1st Round Picks, it's best to iron up the defensive line and offensive line. I have them drafting (DT) Bryan Breese and (OT) Peter Skronoski.

So altogether, here's what the Packers' starting offense would look like in 2023...

QB - Jordan Love

RB - Aaron Jones

RB - A.J. Dillon

WR - Christian Watson

WR - Brandin Cooks

WR - Romeo Doubs

TE - Robert Tonyan

Year one of Jordan Love begins now!

Detroit Lions

Last Year's Record: 9-8

2023 Estimated Cap Space: $22,150,951

2023 Draft Picks: 1st (2), 2nd (2), 3rd (1), 5th (1), 6th (2)

Notable Free Agents; D.J. Chark (WR), Jamaal Williams (RB), Michael Brockers (DT)

After being a game short from making an unexpected playoff run, the Lions are in a good spot with 4 Picks in the first two rounds to do it yet again.

Free Agency; Let's build a playoff team. If I'm the Lions, here are some notable moves I'm making on offense.

+ Jamaal Williams (RB)

+ Marvin Jones Jr. (WR)

- Justin Jackson (RB)

- D.J. Chark (WR)

Bringing back Jamaal is the biggest no-brainer there is. While Marvin Jones Jr. making his return to Detroit would great for lots of reasons. One being he'll be significantly cheaper than D.J. Chark.

2023 NFL Draft; In this draft, I have the Lions drafting (CB) Christian Gonzalez and (TE) Michael Mayers in the 1st Round. You can add in some OL/DL help in the 2nd Round with those picks.

So altogether, here's what the Lions' starting offense would look like in 2023...

QB - Jared Goff

RB - D'Andre Swift

RB - Jamaal Williams

WR - Amon-Ra St. Brown

WR - Jameson Williams

WR - Marvin Jones Jr.

TE - Michael Mayers

The Lions are almost certainly a 2023 Playoff Team!



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