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As we approach the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline on October 29th, it's always interesting to dive into some of the best trade rumors and even create your own scenarios. For this week's edition I'll be going over two trades that I would like to see happen. Just want to add that this is just my opinion, these trades haven't happened and may not happen..


- CIN Bengals Give: A.J. Green (WR).

- BUF Bills Give: 2nd Round Pick (2020) + 4th Round Pick (2020).

This trade makes sense for a multitude of reasons. But let's start with the fact that the Bengals are currently 0-5, and recent rumors suggest that Green will not be getting an extension. That alone is cause to trade their Top WR in a contract year as they continue their rebuild. Without Green, the Bengals are still decent enough at WR. Between Tyler Boyd, a flashy new John Ross, an emerging Auden Tate, and with a promising 2020 Draft Class, the Bengals will be alright without Green. Plus Green has been hit with injuries over the last few years and he's already 31 Years Old.

But why the Buffalo Bills? Not only do the Bills have a great relationship with the Bengals front office, but the Bills are sitting at 4-1 with very limited WR Options. What I'm referring to with the front office relationship is when the Bengals beat the Ravens in Week 17 of 2017, which put the Bills into the playoffs for the first time since 2000. They also swapped first round picks in return for Cordy Glenn earlier in the offseason.

Although I can't find the exact quote, I know that Brandon Beane made it his mission to acquire a Top Tier WR. Even after a failed Antonio Brown trade, Beane declared that he would find that star WR. The Bills have plenty of cap space ($25 Mil) to extend Green if they need too, plus he's the perfect addition to make a playoff run. I understand they have John Brown, but he hasn't always proven that he can stay healthy, and trading away Zay Jones only increases the need for a guy like Green.

Rumors have swirled that Green has a first round price tag, but given his recent injury history I wouldn't be surprised to see a combination of picks for him. Some other suitors could be teams like the Patriots, Jaguars, or Eagles. But the Bills are clearly the best fit in my opinion.


- MIN Vikings Give: Stefon Diggs (WR) + Trae Waynes (CB) + 1st Round Pick (2020).

- JAX Jaguars Give: Jalen Ramsey (CB) + 4th Round Pick (2020).

This trade is a LOT less likely than the AJG Trade, but it's still fun to go over "what ifs". So lets do exactly that!

We know Diggs was unhappy in Minnesota, and although he seems content now, that will likely go back to displeasure if he doesn't start seeing targets. Diggs is a great route runner, and can be a valuable asset for another team that will actually use him. Jalen Ramsey is also unhappy (or at least was) and he's only 25 Years Old.

Now for the Vikings, they don't have great WR Depth, so with Digss being traded I would recommend signing someone cheap like Dez Bryant who can still be effective. But overall they have Thielen, Cook, Rudolph, and their rookie Irv Smith. A shutdown corner opposite of a strugglig Xavier Rhodes will take a lot of pressure off of Kirk Cousins and the offense. Plus, we all know how much the Vikings love their CBs.

As for the Jaguars, it would take a lot for them to give away Ramsey, but a very talented WR with a 1st Round Pick plus an extra CB might just do the trick. We know the Jaguars want to transition to a passing offense, and I'm sure Gardner Minshew and D.J. Chark have been a pleasent surprise. But outside of Chark they don't have all that many options. The extra 1st Rounder and Diggs can set them up to take that big step forward this year, if not the following year.

Logistically, the Vikings don't have much cap space at all. But Waynes $9 Million hit plus Diggs' $12 Million along with some added contract restructures get the job done and be enough to extend Ramsey. Even without their first rounder, they still have picks in Rounds 2-4 to work with. For the Jaguars, an added 1st Rounder gives them the option of trading up if needed. It boils down to making sure to hit on those picks.



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