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Week 7 Waiver wire

Waiver Wire Week 7 It’s time to pick up your Bills.

All own percentages are according to the Yahoo fantasy football platform.

QB Stream of the Week

Jacoby Brissett vs. Houston (42%)

Let me just say this, if you can stream Josh Allen, stream him. However, since he is a priority waiver wire pick up for me, Jacoby Brissett becomes the top streamer this week. Houston has struggled against the pass all season. Even though Brissett gave you a bad game against the Chiefs before the bye, this game could go out of hand with a Houston team coming off a 31-24  point game against the Chiefs.

Other QB Streaming Options

Daniel Jones Vs. Arizona (29%)

Jones, coming off an awful game against the number 1 defense in the league, gets a dream matchup against Arizona. Look for a bounce back game with the likely return of Saquon, even with the possibility that Jones is without Shepherd and Engram again.

D/ST Stream of the Week

Buffalo V Miami (61%)

Buffalo is the number one defense this week. Look for a great game this week, but looking ahead at the schedule, you need to pick them up if they are sitting there. As a fantasy football addict, I can tell you such strong schedules with such a strong defense goes together, and the defense is on waivers this much. They have a schedule coming up of, Vs. Miami, vs. Philadelphia, vs. Washington, at Cleveland, at Miami. Even with a tough matchup against Philly, expect all other weeks to field you double digit performances.

Other D/ST Streaming Options

Tennessee v LAC (51%)

Tennessee is a good defense, that is still sitting there in a lot of leagues, with the defense waiver wire super dry, you have to hope that you can rely on good defenses to give you a good amount of points.

Jacksonville @Cincinatti (65%)

Jacksonville, a defense that is most likely not there, should be a top priority defense if Buffalo is not there. Jacksonville gets a struggling offense in Cincinnati, that “sacksonville” should be able to take advantage of.

Top 5 Waiver Wire Pickups

 Josh Allen (49%)

Josh Allen, coming off a concussion, gets a week to heal up, and gets one of the best possible stretches a qb could imagine. He is the number one streamer at QB, but he isn’t just a streamer. He is a qb that could carry you to the fantasy playoffs. An upcoming schedule of Vs. Miami, vs. Philadelphia, vs. Washington, at Cleveland, at Miami, Josh Allen should go berserk over the next couple weeks, even with Philly and Cleveland’s secondaries getting healthy again.

Jamison Crowder (42%)

If it weren’t for back to back bad matchups against New England and Jacksonville, Crowder could’ve been number one for me. I mean, how is he still available? In both games with Sam Darnold, he has combined for 26 targets. 26! That is in only two games! Sam Darnold loves to throw the ball to Crowder, and Crowder is what Jarvis Landry was in Adam Gase’s offense when their paths crossed in Miami. Limited ceiling, high floor, and the bye week has passed. Crowder is a great pick up.

 Cole Beasley (15%)

Cole Beasley, a guy who has been nothing special this season, is a pickup for a lot of the same reasons that Josh Allen is. Dream matchups for a receiver, and with John Brown mostly owned, look for Cole Beasley to help fix your bye week blues.

Benny Snell (2%)

With the waiver wire looking like a who’s who of hot garbage, you got to play the handcuff game with empty roster spots. Benny Snell looked good against the Chargers last week, and although he is going into a bye, Snell still deserves to be owned. James Connor has been ultra injury prone this season, and has not been the efficient back. Through six weeks, Connor has only averaged a below average 3.1 YPC after averaging 4.5 YPC last season. With Connor’s inefficiency and injury, expect Snell to carve out a role throughout the season.

Mark Walton (4%)

Throughout the season, we have seen the self-destruction of the supposed started Kalen Ballage. Going from 1st to 3rd on the depth chart since the start of the season, Kalen Ballage has been jumped by Mark Walton. Walton even made the start on Sunday, even though he was outouched 16-11 by Drake. Walton also, surprisingly, passed the eye test in a putrid Miami offense, looking good in space, and showing skill with the ball in his hands. It is noteworthy that a starting running back is most likely sitting on the waiver wire in all your leagues. 



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